Open Foundation West Africa Holds First Creative Commons Salon in Ghana

OFWA holds first Creative Commons event in Ghana to kick-start the advocacy of Copyleft in the Sub-Saharan country.

The event was held at Impact Hub Accra and featured various sessions by Joy Ageypong, Raphael Berchie, Sadik Shaddah, Felix Nartey and Kayode Yussif who joined in via Skype from Nigeria.

The show kickstarted with a Networking Session by Joy Agyepong. A familiarisation contest where each attendee was to meet and remember the names of other attendees and a nickname creation challenge with the first name of other people who were in attendance for which a customised Ghanaian Creative Commons T-Shirt was giving away to the winner.

Sadik Shaddah then mounted the stage with a brief presentation on the current state of Copyright in Ghana.

Raphael Berchie followed Sadik’s presentation with an Introduction To Creative Commons Session. Raphael went ahead to establish the need for the Copyleft option, touched on the various types of licences and gave examples of very popular sites who use a Creative Commons licence.

He was later joined by Kayode Yussif, Technology Lead – Creative Commons Nigeria via Skype. He also gave an introduction to Creative Commons, established the difference with traditional licensing covered by local Copyright laws and the Copyleft alternative offered by Creative Commons internationally.

Kayode then proceeded to answer questions from the audience who were interested in the legal and economic implications, the exposure derived from using a Creative Commons licence and how Copyleft is interpreted locally.

Co-founder of Open Foundation West Africa – Felix Nartey, summarised everything that happened at Ghana’s first Creative Commons Salon to end the event.

Without sharing, there is no collaboration. Without collaboration, there is no creativity. – Felix Nartey


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