About us

Open Foundation West Africa (OFWA) is a non-profit organization that seeks to extend the reach of Open Movement Activities in West Africa, through open education and education programs, digitizing open resources, preserving cultural and heritage items for educational purposes and promoting contents about the West African Sub-region and its existent countries.

We started in 2015 but was officially incorporated and registered in Ghana by May 2016. OFWA so far has taken part in some continental advocacy activities/campaigns, one of which is the #Fast Africa Campaign that was a project by the Web We Want (www) in collaboration with the Alliance for Affordable Internet, to promote fast, affordable, safe and transparent internet in Africa. The organisation is currently organizing Wiki Loves Monuments which is a global photo contest around monuments in the world.


Creating the awareness of all the available open source tools, enticing its use by many and sharing the benefits of contributing  towards the future of education and open learning.


Getting more people to understand and use open resource tools as a basis for improving the quality and accessibility of education resources.

The Team

Felix Nartey
Felix Nartey

Felix Nartey is a Co-founder of OFWA, a banker and a fanatic of technology. A Wikipedian and a member of the Project Grants Committee of the Wikimedia Foundation. Felix is a trainer on open technology tools and an open activist, he also believes in the potential of the youth and unearthing revolutionary talent for the benefit of Africa.

Raphael Berchie
Raphael Berchie

 Raphael Berchie is a Co-founder of OFWA, an entrepreneur and an open source activist. Raphael has been a Wikipedian since 2012 a very active member of the Ghanaian User Group and has actively worked on most projects by the Community.