Creative Commons Chapter Launched In Ghana

On July 28, 2018, about 20 enthusiastic young people gathered at Impact Hub, Accra to witness the historic launch of Creative Commons Ghana (CCGH), after years of consultations and background works.


The event began with a session on the history of CC in Ghana and how far the group  had come, led by Raphael Berchie (co-founder of OFWA).


Participants were taken through the events that led to the birth of CC Ghana hinting on activities such as the Kumsha Bus, Creative Commons Salon, Setting up Open Clubs, Summer Open School, etc.


It was followed by a training on the concepts of Open Licenses and Creative Commons, led by Felix Nartey.


It also presented an avenue for participants to learn about some “outmoded” copyright laws in Ghana that poses limitations to the work of people in the creative arts.


Freedom of Panorama which was a predominantly discussed topic was amusing, because it was the first time that some participants learnt that our laws doesn’t permit photos of general public spaces.


There was a call for leadership of the newly launched CC Ghana. Felix Nartey and Ralph Berchie the founders of the group were unanimously selected as Chapter Lead and Representative at the Global Council  respectively.


“This chapter seeks to build a strong community of advocates and ambassadors for CC in Ghana. We will strive to augment our copyright laws to make room freedom of panorama, this will be our focus for the next 6 months,” said the chapter lead.


Author: Pamela Ofori-Boateng
2018-08-04 16:40:27