Why Advocate For “Open”

“Open” is the new-found gold The world is full of a whole lot of things and almost all of these things are presented to us by nature for free but man has set a culture and needs to live within its confines. Information in the form of written, images and videos of all knowledge fields are in the world. This has led to what we have as history through narration, the need to even preserve and retrieve every passing of a historic process whether a nation’s history or that of a cooperation has led to the building of storage facilities and advancement in technology to preserve them. This has made learning and practice very easy for mankind since knowledge and way of practice has been passed on and refined through generations. Truth be told, the world has become a structure that is based on the influence of money and protocol of access. But more on money but the debate has also been on acknowledging the true owners of the knowledge or practice they contribute to the world. Everyone wants to be credited for what they contribute to the world and the greed of some led to betrayals and that is what has led to some access to these information not open – although some need to be kept as a secret. The beauty of it is, some still want open access to everything even if they created it. Watch out for part 2 of this caption.

Author: Joy Agyepong
2018-08-29 11:43:42