Why You Should Attend Ghana’s Creative Commons Launch

What is Creative Commons?

Creative Commons (CC) licenses allow people to communicate which rights they have placed on their work and which rights that do not apply to their work; be it research work, book, music, audio, photographs, buildings, artworks among others.

Creative Commons tell people who want to use a particular work, the exact license on the work and under which license people can use it.

For example, if someone finds a book or an article they seriously need to use for research work or any other purpose, they may not be able to use them because automatically most works in Ghana are copyrighted which means the person simply can’t use it or share the content. 

However, if the author of the book or article used a CC license, it will allow the person to easily use or share the research work or article of course by employing any of the CC licenses embossed on the original work.

But this doesn’t mean works with CC licenses are free to use or can be used anyhow. There are some form of guidelines that comes with it but it pretty much makes using peoples work or sharing content easier.

Creative Commons (CC) Launches in Ghana

This event will create an opportunity for people in the creative arts industry, journalists, bloggers, and researchers among others to learn about the various CC licenses available to protect their work.

Participants will also learn about some outdated copyright laws in Ghana that affect people’s work.

"Are you aware that in Ghana, you cannot legally take photographs or make paintings of several iconic buildings including the Presidential Palace (Golden Jubilee House) and the Parliament House without the consent of the creator of the work or after 70 years of the death of the creator? At the moment our copyright law allows us to only project the slave history of this country as such works (castles) have expired the duration of copyright and are in the public domain."

That is why Creative Commons Ghana in collaboration with Open Foundation West Africa wishes to invite you to the event dubbed "Creating a Community for the Commons”, targeted at content producers or anyone who wants to join a community of license activists and volunteers.

Join us!

  1. If you are a content producer and want to learn about alternative forms of licensing that can ensure your work can be shared while you still retain some (preferred) rights for the work.
  2. If you wish to understand how some of Ghana’s copyright laws affect your work as a content producer.

Join our community of advocates and volunteers as we learn to transform our work and avoid implications of not knowing.

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Author: Pamela Ofori-Boateng
2018-08-29 11:35:06